(Cenzo Vial) Deca 300mg

£ 40.00

Deca 300mg
10ml Vial.
Expiry Date: Minimum 3 years.




DECA 300mg per 1ml.

Chemical Name:
Nandrolone Decanoate

Effective bulk muscle gainer. A favorite among most bodybuilders and powerlifters. Lubricates joints and retains water in tissue, muscle and connective tissue. Is taken sometimes solely to eliviate joint pain. Extremely good strength gains – possibly one of the best. Taken together with Tren and Anadrol would bring about massive strength gains.

Active Life:
15 days.

Detection Time:
After a period of 18 months, all traces of Deca will be out of your system for purposes of drug testing – urine/blood samples.

Average Dose:
300-600mg per week.

Goes well with:
All androgenic/anabolic compounds. Suitable for bulking and cutting cycles.

Expected weight / muscle gain:
10-15kg weight could be experienced in 12-16 weeks of Deca only cycle. Increase in appetite and extremely high increase in strength.

How fast to notice changes:
4-6 weeks.

Side effects:
Prolongeduse of Deca could bring about “Deca Dick” which is loss of full erection quality, however easily overcome by taking Proviron or increasing Testosterone dose.