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Your well being is paramount while on steroids and it is up to you to look after yourself.

Contrary to popular believe, generally, anabolic steroid users are usually actually healthier and more aware of their body than someone who has no interest.

Steroids are not the answer – however they greatly help, providing a highly anabolic environment for muscles to repair and grow. The basic science is you work out close to our physical limitations (or high rep, easy weights – depending on your goal to exhaustion) to exhaust and cause slight tears in your muscle fibres (hence the feeling of being sore the next day – which is a good thing). You then normally have rest days for the last muscle you trained to ensure it has ample time to repair itsel – and repair itself bigger. Anabolic steroids allow this function to happen at a much more ferocious speed hence you repair quicker and train faster and inevitably have greater results.

By taking steroids, we allow (depending on substances being taken) our bodies to surpass normal training conditions – lift heavier weights, increase stamina, endurance, pumps etc – but the mistake what many make is “the more the better”.

It is wholy advisable to start doses LOW – if you are new to steroids then your body will be in shock and grow like youve never grown before. You can benefit, as a man, even from 20mg Anavar per day but more experienced users this will do nothing.

It is important to take advantage of this early stage and use low doses of gear.

As you progress you will naturally find that you need to take more and more as well as change substances to keep the body guessing – much like exercises you should always change it up.

Drinking alcohol or doing any other type of drugs while on steroids is strictly not advisable. We are putting our liver and kidneys under strain taking steroids so the added stress of steroids can cause problems.

Sleep minimum 8 hours per night! Its vital to be able to give your body a chance to recover and grow!

Also – we would advise you take the following tablets which can be purchased at any pharmacy, tesco, boots or online:

MULTIVITAMIN – Take 1 per day – preferably every morning. It will keep you topped up and tick every box what your body asks for if your food isnt good enough.

COD LIVER – Take 2 per day – morning and evening. It will maintain a health heart, joints and general well being.

MILK THISTLE – Take 2 per day – morning and evening. It supports liver health which is our main reason for including it here.

LIV52 TABLETS – Take 2 per day – morning and evening. This also supports liver health and improves liver function.

GLUCOSOMINE – Take 2 per day – mornin and evening. The main reason to include this is that during exercise we put our bodys and ligaments/tendons under huge stress. Glucosomine reduces swelling in joints, stiffness and can provide gentle pain relief.

Whether you are on cycle or cruising – or off season, we would still recommend taking all the above on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body.